Amidst the current uncertain circumstances, businesses must confront various risk factors. Learning to adapt is crucial for businesses to survive and thrive. Specifically, driving organizational goals to reduce reliance on single revenue streams has become a significant focus. AKS has undertaken a critical restructuring of the business under the “AKS New Era” concept, aiming to lead the company towards sustainable growth on multiple business segments.

The company is exploring new opportunities to manage and mitigate investment risks continuously, with the goal of developing a strong and stable business. AKS is also ready to support flexible investment changes in businesses that provide consistent returns and have sustainable growth potential for the benefit of the company and shareholders.



The group of companies will utilize knowledge, expertise and new business strategies to develop assets to their fullest potential, in order to meet the current and future market demands. Our companies aim to provide excellent service and management to customers, both as a service provider and as a business partner

Mr. Khan Prachaubmoh

Chairman Of The Board and Independent Director

Mr.Chanon Wangtal

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Mr. Chamnarn Wangtal


Mr. Voravut Laithuamthaweekul


Mr. Auychai Kultipmontre

Independent Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee

Mr. Prateep Saenghiranwathana

Independent Director and Audit Committee

Mr.Ekajai Tivutanond

Independent Director and Audit Committee