The company is exploring new opportunities to manage and mitigate investment risks continuously, with the goal of developing a strong and stable business. AKS is also ready to support flexible investment changes in businesses that provide consistent returns and have sustainable growth potential for the benefit of the company and shareholders.

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We have extensive experience and expertise in the real estate industry, with leading projects continually being developed alongside our ongoing search for land with potential to generate value for the company. We are also prepared to collaborate with business partners in Joint Ventures to mitigate risks from regional economic, fluctuations and the risks associated with investing significantly in the search for project sites.


Our hospitality business operates mid-sized hotels that cater to the continuously growing and recovering tourism industry in Thailand. We specialize in projects and possess exceptional knowledge of the tourism potential in Southern Thailand that continues to hold significant opportunities for growth such as Phuket, Koh Samui and Koh Tao.


We have identified significant growth opportunities in the consumer loan industry. Therefore, we have invested in three companies: BYC which operates the PLOAN business nationwide, Beyond Capital Asset Management offering comprehensive asset management services  and  Beyond Capital Loans  catering to large entrepreneurs. . We also continue to seek opportunities to expand into the Nano finance, asset management, FinTech business, etc.


The Cannabis Industry is a business with great growth potential and the potential to generate exceptional income. Additionally, it can support the medical and wellness industries in the country and can also expand into other types of businesses in the future. Currently, the company is an upstream business and considering opportunities to expand into the midstream-downstream sector, which will create profitable returns for the company and its shareholders in the future.


Given the importance of clean energy in supporting the development of both the country and the world, we have invested in the renewable energy industry, participating in leading projects within the region such as Green Earth Power Thailand Co., Ltd. ( GEP ) and Wind Energy Holding Co., Ltd.

Corporate Transport Solution

Corporate transport solution provider committed to elevating the business travel to new heights. We take great pride in offering professionalism, punctuality, and efficiency for corporate clients. Our primary objective is to cater distinct travel needs, ensuring a smooth and reliable journey that aligns seamlessly for our clients.